Through her vibrant lectures, Dr. Vivens empowers a global audience, sparking innovation in the minds of women, professionals, and change-makers.

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Dive into the heart of empowerment with a video podcast where Dr. Solanges Vivens’ vibrant energy brings forth a symphony of inspiring tales, strategic insights, and empowering dialogues. Each episode is a mosaic of transformative experiences, spotlighting the achievements of women trailblazers, the tenacity of entrepreneurs, and the wisdom of professionals across the spectrum. Tune in to unravel the art of living fully, leading boldly, and embracing the power of an educated spirit.

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Dr. Solanges Vivens is an ardent speaker and a visionary whose words resonate with authenticity and inspiration. Whether it's a discussion on women's empowerment, entrepreneurship, business development, or personal transformation, Dr. Vivens captivates audiences with her insightful experiences and vibrant energy. Her engagements are not just speeches but transformative experiences that inspire action and foster positive change. 

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