Dr. Solanges Vivens

From her roots as a Haitian immigrant to her ascension as a celebrated healthcare entrepreneur and author, Dr. Vivens embodies the resilience and spirit of leadership that inspires change.

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About Dr. Solanges

From her humble beginnings as a non-English-speaking factory worker to a titan of healthcare entrepreneurship, Dr. Solanges Vivens' story is a testament to the transformative power of determination and education. Channeling the resilience of the turtle, known for its patience and endurance, she shares a life defined by obstacles, triumphs, and unwavering resolve. A trailblazer in the truest sense, Dr. Vivens emigrated from Haiti as a teenager and has since woven a narrative of success that spans four decades, breaking barriers in nursing and long-term care administration along the way.

In the vanguard of quality healthcare, Dr. Vivens founded Vital Management Team, Long Term Care, Inc. (VMT) in 1988. Under her leadership, VMT became synonymous with unwavering commitment to quality, reflecting her personal ethos and revolutionizing long-term care service standards.

Recognized as one of the 50 Most Influential Minority Business Persons in America in 2001, Dr. Vivens' exceptionalism shines not only through her entrepreneurial achievements but also through her academic pursuits. She is an alumna of Long Island University with a Bachelor's degree in Nursing, followed by a Master's degree in Health Services Administration from Georgetown University. Her doctoral journey culminated in a Doctorate in Humane Letters from Voorhees College, recognizing her contribution to the field of nursing and humanity.

Dr. Vivens' leadership and dedication to healthcare were honored with the District of Columbia Health Care Association Leadership Award in 2007, celebrating her two decades of influential impact.

Transitioning to a new chapter, Dr. Vivens has curated a legacy of wisdom as a prolific speaker and author. Her voice resonates within the halls of academia and conferences, imparting knowledge gleaned from her illustrious career. Her literary contributions, featured in numerous healthcare publications, further her vision for a more informed and effective industry.

Her literary accomplishments include "A Revelation: Walking Backwards into the Footsteps of St. Solange" — a gripping exploration of historical and spiritual ties across ages, the highly acclaimed "Girls Can Move Mountains: Rewriting the Rules of Female Entrepreneurship" — a memoir that distills her life's rules into motivational mantras for budding entrepreneurs. Her new book “Educated Girl, Empowered Woman” continues the telling of her life story.

Beyond her personal achievements, Dr. Vivens enriches lives through the Centres D’Etudes Classique de Meyer Fund, USA, a 501(c)(3) organization fostering education and support for Haitian children since 2005. Her entrepreneurial spirit blazes new trails with Vivens Media Group (VMG), delivering a spectrum of engaging multimedia content.

Residing in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Dr. Vivens balances the roles of a mother, grandmother, and mentor. She revels in the joy of reading, writing, and the ceaseless adventure of travel. Her belief in "Moving Mountains" encapsulates her approach to life and professional aspirations.

She continues to share her insights and experiences across the globe, available for speaking engagements and book signings that promise to stir the spirit and challenge the status quo.


Honors & Awards

Cázale Community and Cultural Center - 2024 Humanitarian Award
The Cazale Community and Cultural Center is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of young people living in Haiti. Dr. Solanges Vivens partnered with them in their mission to uplift, educate, nourish, and support those in need in Haiti. She was honored to be the keynote speaker and use her voice to empower the community and raise funding and awareness to CCCC, an organization that like a turtle, sticks their neck out to ensure the cultivation of arts and education in our community.
CLÉ - Pinnacle of Achievement Award
The incredible women of CLE awarded Dr. Solanges Vivens with the Pinnacle of Achievement award at their annual luncheon in March 2024.
Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund - Nelson Mandela Award
Dr. Solange Vivens, Author of "Girls Can Move Mountains" received the esteemed Nelson Mandela Award on May 26, 2023 for her unwavering commitment to the protection of children, children's health and wellbeing, and her relentless efforts in launching various initiatives to benefit children across the globe.
Hope Giver Award
As the proud charity partners of the Better World Fund, the global Hope Giver campaign announced the presentation of the Hope Giver Award to Dr. Solanges Vivens on September 7, 2023 , honoring her commitment to Women's Empowerment at the BWF Gala Night during the 80th Edition of the Venice Film Festival.
Pearls of Life Women's Foundation - Champion of Women Award
Dr. Vivens received the Champion of Women Award for embodying the true spirit of a warrior for women. This award was bestowed on March 26, 2022, for all she has done in giving back to other women and the Pearls in Need Program.
Positivity Pays
On March 20, 2022, Dr. Vivens received an award from Positivity Pays. She was honored for all of her achievements and was presented with her very own trading card!
Island Space Caribbean Museum
On March 20, 2022, Dr. Vivens was the keynote speaker for the reopening of the new Caribbean Museum, Island Space Caribbean Museum. Island Space Caribbean Museum is the only 100% Caribbean-focused museum in the country; additionally, she received the honor of being installed in the museum as a Haitian woman making a difference in women's lives.
Hope Connections - Volunteer of The Year Award
Dr. Vivens received the Hope Connections Volunteer of The Year Award for her selfless acts of kindness over the past 30 years. She was presented with this award on  March 17, 2022.
Miami-Dade County Certificate of Appreciation
On behalf of the Mayor, the Board of County Commissioner, and The residents of Miami-Dade County, the Commissioner presents this Certificate of Appreciation in recognition of Dr. Solanges Vivens valuable contribution to the community.   On this 14th day of November 2021.
Global Women's Network Star Award
For outstanding contribution and exemplary leadership to Women in Publishing, Dr. Vivens was celebrated for the inspiring legacy she is building for the next generation of women.
Orion Star Awards - Dubai
Internationally recognized, Dr. Solanges Vivens received The Book of The Year Award in Dubai 2021.
Miami-Dade Public County Schools Proclamation
Dr. Vivens received this proclamation for her outstanding contribution and exemplary leadership to Women in Publishing. This award was presented on the fourteenth day of November, A.D. 2021.
Dr. Solanges Vivens Day Proclamation from The City of North Miami, Florida
Whereas Dr. Solanges Vivens is a visionary business leader who has been at the forefront of healthcare entrepreneurship for over 40 years. This award was presented on the 14th day of  November 2021.
Fanm PotoMitan
Dr. Solanges Vivens received the Fanm PotoMitan Award and was recognized Nationally on September 3, 2021.
Global Leaders Women's Conference Dubai 2021
Dr. Vivens was presented this award for her outstanding honorable effort representing women who seek the skills to be influential leaders committed to helping women to be successful in leadership roles.

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