Reaching New Heights Fundraising Gala

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Join us for this special occasion where Dr. Solanges Vivens will be honored as the 2024 Keynote Speaker. Reaching New Heights Fundraising event is organized by the Cazale Community and Cultural Center called CCCC, a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to helping the youth of Cazale in Haiti develop the skills necessary to become contributing members of their society.

Currently, CCCC runs one afterschool center in Haiti that provides academic support to over 100 students in elementary and high school. In addition to tutoring, the center offers extra-curricular activities such as community service, dance, and music lessons. They also offer computer classes and access to WIFI internet for students and young adults.


Leonard's Palazzo

555 Northern Blvd

Great Neck, New York 11021


March 22, 2024


08:00 PM US EST
08:00 PM US EST - 01:00 AM US EST
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Dr. Solanges Vivens is an ardent speaker and a visionary whose words resonate with authenticity and inspiration. Whether it's a discussion on women's empowerment, entrepreneurship, business development, or personal transformation, Dr. Vivens captivates audiences with her insightful experiences and vibrant energy. Her engagements are not just speeches but transformative experiences that inspire action and foster positive change. 

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