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We are thrilled to introduce you to Dr. Solanges Vivens, an extraordinary individual who has dedicated her life to inspiring others and making a positive impact. With her immense knowledge and unwavering passion, she has become a guiding light for both young girls and seniors, empowering them to live purposeful and fulfilling lives.

Dr. Vivens' philanthropic initiatives have transformed countless lives and created lasting change. Her commitment to social causes and her tireless efforts have made her a true humanitarian hero. She firmly believes that every child deserves a chance to thrive, and through her involvement with the Nelson Mandela Children's Fund, she has championed the cause of supporting children and ensuring their well-being.

As a respected businesswoman, Dr. Solanges Vivens has not only excelled in her professional endeavors, but has also used her success as a platform for positive change. She has consistently strived to break down barriers and create opportunities for marginalized communities, leaving an indelible mark on the business world.

We invite you to learn more about Dr. Solanges Vivens' inspiring journey and the incredible impact she has made. 

Visit the link to discover how her philanthropic initiatives have transformed lives and created a legacy of lasting change.


Ville Oxygene, Vallauris, France


May 26, 2023


07:00 PM
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Dr. Solanges Vivens is an ardent speaker and a visionary whose words resonate with authenticity and inspiration. Whether it's a discussion on women's empowerment, entrepreneurship, business development, or personal transformation, Dr. Vivens captivates audiences with her insightful experiences and vibrant energy. Her engagements are not just speeches but transformative experiences that inspire action and foster positive change. 

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