"Empower Ayiti: Haitian Women Rising" Haitian Women Entrepreneurship Program

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At the intersection of resilience, cultural heritage, and progressive vision, Haitian women remain pillars of strength. Recognizing this, Ayiti Community Trust proposes a distinctive empowerment event in Cap Haïtien, graced by the esteemed presence of Dr. Solanges Vivens, an iconic figure for Haitian women. This event aimed to champion the spirit of Haitian women, providing them with platforms to evolve, connect, and lead.

In a moving virtual keynote address delivered via Google Meet for the "EMPOWER AYITI: HAITIAN WOMEN RISING" program, Dr. Solanges Vivens overcame passport challenges to share her profound experiences with 80 participating Haitian women. Despite not being able to attend in person, Dr. Vivens was fully engaged, imparting wisdom and narrating her personal journey of resilience and success.

Her book, "Girls Can Move Mountains," a testament to her belief in the indomitable spirit of Haitian women, was translated into Haitian Kreyol and distributed to attendees, symbolizing the transfer of knowledge and empowerment. Dr. Vivens discussed her struggles and victories, offering a transparent look into the obstacles she overcame, and the milestones she achieved.

She used her life story as a beacon of hope and a roadmap for future generations, outlining her vision for the advancement of Haitian women. Her address was not only a reflection of her own achievements but also a call to action for Haitian women to rise, embrace their potential, and create a future filled with triumphs.

During the "EMPOWER AYITI: HAITIAN WOMEN RISING" program, participants engaged in table discussions, a collaborative exercise designed to deepen their understanding of the day's presentations. Each table group was tasked with dissecting the principles shared by the speakers and exploring practical applications of the knowledge gained.
After thoughtful dialogue, groups synthesized their discussions into key points, which were then shared with the larger assembly. This activity allowed for a dynamic exchange of ideas, with each group contributing their unique perspectives on how to implement the strategies and insights from the presentations into their personal and professional lives.

The presentations made by each group were a culmination of collective reflection, offering a diverse array of action plans and commitments to personal and community growth. These discussions underscored the event's goal of not only inspiring Haitian women but also equipping them with tangible tools for empowerment and success.

85 Haitian women entrepreneurs from various sectors attended the workshop. The participants were recruited by four main partner organizations that took the responsibility for recruiting and ensuring the participation of the individuals.

Here’s what Dr. Vivens had to say:
“Never been there in person but I was there last night for 3 hours via zoom. It was so moving that it brought tears to my eyes. I am going to be with them one day soon.”

Feedback from the session:
“Your presence and words today have been nothing short of a guiding light. The time you took from your schedule to share your insights and experiences has sparked an undeniable drive among the attendees. Your ability to connect through storytelling has equipped our women with knowledge and uplifted their spirits. Your presentation was informative and motivational, igniting a spark of possibility in the hearts of all attendees. The stories of success, perseverance, and innovation you shared have already begun to fuel discussions and dreams of what can be achieved in La Gonâve...We are witnessing the beginning of a beautiful shift in the mindset of our community's women, which is pivoting towards empowerment, leadership, and collective progress—all rippling from the energy and vision you shared with us today.”

-Dr. Geurda Nicolas,
President of Ayiti Community Trust

“The haitian women's program was a treat! I found it very inspiring to see successful haitian women giving back knowledge to the younger generation. I would like to see more of this selflessness and this iron-on-iron sharpening throughout the haitian community for men, women, and children”.

-Kayla, psychology student


Complexe Retrouvaille, Cap Haïtien


November 23, 2023


9:00 AM US EST
9:00 - 4:00 PM


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