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Don't miss Dr. Solanges Vivens' presentation titled "Haitian women can move mountains"

"The impact of Haitian women as entrepreneurs is well known and documented. In fact, in the Haitian community, women are often seen as the backbone of the family’s economic mobility, leading many to refer to these women as the Potomitan of the house. Using my education and experience as a female entrepreneur with over fifty years, I will share my formula for success. It is true that Haitian women are no strangers to challenges. During this presentation I will demonstrate the process of managing challenges by growing through them. How we approach our difficulties has a lot to do with how we get out of them. Through this presentation, I will share some guiding principles that can be applied immediately toward growing or starting a business," said Dr. Vivens.

Dr. Solanges Vivens is a visionary business leader who has been at the forefront of healthcare entrepreneurship for over 40 years. After reaching the pinnacle of success in healthcare administration, Dr. Vivens has decided to venture in a new direction with the formation of Vivens Media Group, a multimedia company generating highly entertaining content through books, short films, podcasts and feature films.


A Week on Haiti is the place to experience Haitian art, culture, and products, make meaningful connections, and be part of relevant conversations.


Walter E. Washington Convention Center, Washington, DC


September 9, 2022


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Dr. Solanges Vivens is an ardent speaker and a visionary whose words resonate with authenticity and inspiration. Whether it's a discussion on women's empowerment, entrepreneurship, business development, or personal transformation, Dr. Vivens captivates audiences with her insightful experiences and vibrant energy. Her engagements are not just speeches but transformative experiences that inspire action and foster positive change. 

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